An Overview of Jurassic World

Microgaming’s second branded slot created in partnership with Hollywood powerhouse Universal Pictures features the Jurassic World theme. In case you missed it, the first was Jurassic Park, a film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name. The continued popularity of all things large, frightening, and dinosaur-y is evidenced by the books’ transformation into movies and now slots.

This leads us to the 2015 slot adaptation of Jurassic World. The high-budget movie’s reception was quite divisive. Some people really enjoyed the fast speed and the extravagant computer-generated imagery, while others found it completely absurd. In any case, it was a huge financial success at the box office and could easily be adapted into a slot machine game. So, is it any good?

First impressions are favorable because of the high-quality visuals, which faithfully recreate many scenes from the film. Microgaming has utilized a minimalist 5×3 grid in the Isla Nubar amusement park. High-security bars provide players some peace of mind by keeping the deadly monsters out, at least for the time being. The premium symbols consist of four different characters: Vic Hoskins, Simon Masrani, Claire Dearing, and Owen Brady, whereas the low pay symbols are made up of six different genetically enhanced lizards. Five of a kind can be worth anywhere from 3.16 times the bet to 6.66 times the bet.

The maximum bet in Jurassic World is $/€18, so it’s not exactly a high roller’s heaven. Minimum wagers of 30 p/c every spin will satisfy low-stakes players while still allowing high-stakes players to appreciate the game’s enormous potential. The mathematical model is not very satisfying, giving a return to player (RTP) of 95.45% along with mild volatility. The 31% success rate certainly helps keep players interested.

There are 243 chances to win when three matching symbols appear in a sequence, beginning with the first reel. The logo wild can be used in place of any other regular pay symbol to help complete winning combinations, much like an anti-dinosaur fence. When there are ten Wilds in a row, the payout for that line is 8.33 times the wager.

Features of Jurassic World

The game’s features are a mash-up of those from a number of other Microgaming slots, giving players a taste of a wide variety of games. The fearsome Indominus Rex stars in his own bonus round, and there are lots of other features including scatters that morph into wilds and three types of free spins.

Let’s begin with the least fascinating bonus (albeit still helpful): the Scatter option. If there are just two scatters in view, free spins will not begin, but there is a consolation prize: the scatters will convert into wild symbols to help complete any remaining wins.

Should 3 or more scatters land though, then free spins are triggered. At the outset, players will be transported to one of three different areas of the island, each of which will provide a unique bonus round. Free spins are no longer random after being triggered 15 times, so players can pick their preferred option. The three choices are:

Ten free spins with a progressively increasing multiplier can be won in Gyrosphere Valley. The trail starts at x2 and increases by +1 with every spin that does not result in a win, all the way up to x7. Free spins will keep going until a winning spin is achieved, as the feature cannot be triggered on a losing spin.

In Creation Lab, free spins come with Rolling Reels, and they come in increments of 10. For additional potential payouts, symbols that are part of a winning combination are withdrawn from the reels and replaced by others. Cryo wilds, which are used for the first time in the Creation Lab, stay frozen in place for three wins.

The wild scatters in Raptor Den will grant you ten free spins. During this round, scatter symbols replace all other symbols to increase your chances of winning by one.

The Indominus element is the last thing you want to encounter if the perimeter walls collapse. This feature may occur on any spin that has resulted in a win of 3x to 50x the bet. When activated, the massive beast emerges on screen and increases the payout by up to a factor of a thousand.

Conclusion of Jurassic World

Despite Jurassic World’s status as one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, it was met with some very harsh critical reception. There are some exciting moments in the picture, but the general consensus is that it can’t hold a candle to Jurassic Park.

The slot machine variant provides a comparable experience. Microgaming has also created a high-quality game, although it fails to live up to the reputation of the original. With the original Jurassic Park having set such a high bar, it can be difficult to live up to expectations with a sequel.

But don’t discount the Jurassic World time slot just yet. First of all, it has a fantastic visual appeal and loads of intriguing context. The island of Isla Nubar comes roaring back to life (quite literally) thanks to the game’s excellent visuals, audio, and animation.

Although Jurassic World is somewhat marred by sequel fatigue, it is still a serviceable position in the franchise. It’s definitely worth a rampage if you’re looking for some dino-filled action that’s loaded with features and promise.






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