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Slot Overview: Midway Money

Online slot game Midway Money is a collaboration between Yggdrasil and Reel Life Games, and it has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat’s creators, Midway Games. For readers outside of North America, the title may seem strange. Inquisitive research on Wikipedia discovered that the midway is where “carnival games, amusement rides, entertainment, dime stores, themed events, exhibitions and trade shows, pleasure gardens, water parks, and food booths cluster at a fair.” The concept of Midway Money clicked into place for me. If you’re game, let’s go check out the carnival at Reel Life Games.

Perhaps Reel Life was aiming to recreate the sensory overload of a fair by mixing together disparate aspects, but Midway Money always felt like an odd fit. Even though it’s upbeat, the music just doesn’t feel right. While it does liven up and seem more carnival-like when certain aspects activate, the overall experience still feels a little odd. And finally, there are visuals. It’s unclear whether Reel Life intentionally made the game seem cheap or simply hasn’t mastered the art of pixel placement yet. The aesthetic brought to mind classics like Krazy Klimber and Moley Moolah, but we’ll let the players decide.

However, the statistics aren’t terrible, with a maximum RTP of 96% and a minimum of 86% depending on the market. Playable on all platforms with wagers ranging from 20 pence to £/€50 per spin, Midway Money is a very risky slot game. During the Strongman bonus round, the grid matrix expands to include all 5 reels and 4 rows, but otherwise it sticks to its standard proportions of 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 winlines.

Eleven different regular pay symbols can appear anywhere on those winlines in combinations of three to five. The first ten items, in order, are:There are a ringmaster, some bottles, a strongman, a fire eater, a teddy bear, and several card ranks. When you get a winning combination of five cards, you may win anywhere from 1.5x the wager for the low-pay royals to 10x the bet for the high-pay royals. There are three different wild symbols on the reels, and they may all complete winlines by replacing regular pay symbols. Two of the wilds are the Strength Meter icons, each measuring 1×2, and the third is the logo, measuring 1×1.

Slot Game Features for Midway Money

Many of Midway Money’s features can’t be activated until a specific series of circumstances occurs. The feature kicks off when 2 Strength Meter wilds appear in view on reels 4 and 5. The next thing that happens is the person trying to ring the bell next to the reels tries to ring the bell above the Strength Meter. If the bell doesn’t go off completely, the meter advances by one level (5%), giving the following ring a slightly better chance. The lowest setting is restored when the bell is rung.

Selecting Features

A Ferris Wheel will materialize if the bell atop the Strength Meter rings. You can win a combination of features (free spins only) that includes Duck Shoot, Fire Eater, Strongman, and Fire Eater, Duck Shoot, and Fire Eater, or all three.

Put the Ducks in a Row

The two Strength Meter symbols transform into targets when triggered, and more targets may be added to the reels at any time. The intended subjects are then changed into logo wildcards.

Eater of Fire

The Strength Bar and Bonus Symbols are both multiplied by ten when they are granted. After picking at random, all symbols with lesser values are changed to the selected one. In addition, the reels include two wild logo symbols positioned wherever on them.

Brutal Male

When this is triggered, the number of rows and paylines on the reels can grow to either 5 rows and 50 paylines, 6 rows and 60 paylines, 7 rows and 70 paylines, or 8 rows and 80 paylines at random.

Free Spins With a Guaranteed Minimum Payout

Players receive seven free spins when three bonus symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Free games can be retriggered up to a maximum of 35 times by getting at least 3 bonus symbols during play. Once you’ve accumulated 35 free spins, each bonus symbol that lands in view pays out at 10 times your wager. A quick note. Although the paytable indicates seven spins, players were only given five in the demo version. The feature’s Minimum Win function was effective. At the start of the bonus round, the minimum win for each free spin is equal to one unit of the initial wager. When a victory happens that is larger than the existing guaranteed Minimum victory amount, the amount of the larger win replaces the Minimum Win as the new guaranteed win.

Slot Machine Results in Midway

It’s nice to see some self-aware modesty in a game like Midway Money, given that even the trashiest of trash can be promoted as the beau ideal of online slots. Okay, the’midway’ in this context refers to a certain area of a fair, but the game itself is rather average. It’s a hodgepodge of odd items, but not in the hip Tom Waits style, where a pair of heavy crimson curtains part to show a tattered bohemian dream. It’s more accurate to say that Midway Money looks like someone slapped together a collection of random desktop components.

The midway atmosphere is somewhat captured, and there is a much to look at. Midway Money, which looks and sounds like a stripped-down version of Play’n GO’s circus-themed Golden Ticket 2, might have fared better with greater production values. The fair has to start looking for a replacement bell ringer immediately. Watching him weakly advance the Strength Meter in increments of 5% was annoying despite his bulging firearms. Occasionally, he’ll take the initiative to ring the bell, which will trigger a special feature combo. Midway Money may be a real drag till then. But just because you rang the bell doesn’t mean you won. He’s a bit of a hothead, that man. It appears like he’s ringing the bell like it’s the last thing in style one minute, and like he’s given up for the day the next. Well, it settles the Midway aspect; how about the Cash? This is unexpected, but it is possible to win up to 7,602 times your stake on Midway Money if everything lines up perfectly. At least, that’s how it works out financially.

If Midway Money offered some sort of advantage, it could be more interesting to use. The difficulty was that the enterprise as a whole struggled to ignite due to the cheap and cheery presentation being unsatisfactory, the features being difficult to initiate, and frequently being weak. Just try to put yourself in the shoes of a little child who has just broken the inexpensive surprise egg toy he or she built. In the same vein.






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