Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier was in college when he found his developing interest in poker in the wake of being acquainted with online poker by a companion. In 2007, while as yet going to school and training b-ball, he was playing close to 50 hours of poker every week.

Toward the year’s end 2007, he chose to seek after poker as a full time profession. Around the same time, he became one of the sixteen players to accomplish Cosmic explosion tip top status. In 2008, he was welcome to go to two live occasions by pokerstars. He accepted this as an encounter and kept gaining from occasions like these. In 2009, he won his most memorable gold wristband at the worldwide championship of poker. After this success, he likewise turned into an individual from group pokerstars master. In 2010 and 2011, he procured the four major achievements of his profession which are as following:

Triumph at North American poker visit abundance
One more triumph in a similar occasion
Won the six-gave occasion at the WSOP
Won the really hot shot occasion at the world poker exemplary
He has an inexact total assets going from $5 million to $8 million

In addition he has been positioned number one on GPI (Worldwide poker list) for north of 80 weeks and has likewise been positioned number one on the planet by ESPN. In an exceptionally limited capacity to focus time Jason has lead to levels of distinction and has made a prestigious name in poker. He endeavors to be a pioneer in the progression of the game. He is youthful and spurred and plans to turn into the best poker player in the set of experiences.






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