Soon to Have a Time Slot for Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butt-head are two of the most iconic characters from the 90s MTV era, which swept the globe. Mike Judge created the legendary combo a few decades ago, and their crass but hilarious antics became a signature of a successful TV show that fused rock music with adult-only animated hijinks.


Now, Blueprint Gaming has revealed that it will be releasing a new online slot based on the classic program, in an effort to keep the memories alive and well. The Naked Gun, Inspector Gadget, Spinal Tap, Ted, The Goonies, Top Cat, and Mars Attacks are just some of the other licensed slot games offered by this company.


Agreement to Grant an Exclusive License

According to reports, Blueprint has signed a lucrative deal that would allow the developer to begin work on a Beavis & Butthead slot machine. The company revealed that a variety of iconic scenes from the program that influenced a generation would be featured in the game when it announced its June 2019 release date.


The slot machine will have 5 reels and numerous paylines, and it will open with a classic scene of Beavis and Butthead lounging on their falling-apart couch. They will appear on the reels alongside standard playing card symbols and bonus-game activated special symbols.


Bonus games based on the program and its stars will reportedly be included in the future release, as reported by Blueprint. There will be plenty of Beavis and Butthead’s trademark annoying laughter and illogical sayings included in the game; in fact, one particular feature was directly inspired by these elements.


Take part in six traditional Bonus Games.

If the couple starts laughing while playing, you’ll activate one of the slot machine’s seven special modifiers, increasing your chances of winning. The bonuses on offer range from the simple (Die Fly) to the very intriguing (Cornholio Wilds, Colossal Couch Fishing, Die and So Nacho, Butt Flambé).


Another lucrative bonus round is activated when three or more bonus symbols appear in the game. In total, there are six different bonus rounds, each of which provides a different take on everyone’s favorite zany duo from the ’90s. In the Just Deserts round, Beavis and Butt-head will stand around in the heat and throw out cash rewards, so keep an eye out for that!






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