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When to Travel to Northern Pantanal

Ever wondered when best to visit the Northern Pantanal? Or when to see the Pink Trumpet Tree flowery? How about the best time to see jaguars hunting? Or the best time to see the endemic bird species? We’ve compiled the calendar below as a guide on when best to visit Pantanal and the best time to […]

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Booking with Wild Jaguar Safaris during Covid-19

Wild Jaguar Safaris: sadly, we know that now is not the time to travel. We don’t know when it will be, but we do know that when travel comes back, it will be epic. We will be reunited, and we will reconnect our guests with Pantanal. Our job right now is to make sure we […]

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Personalize your North Pantanal vacation with Wild Jaguar Safari

At Wild Jaguar Safari we specialize in putting together Comfortable, tailor-made trips to Pantanal. With your input, we’ll plan all the details and come up with your perfect holiday!  1) What Do You Want To Do? Wildlife viewing safaris? Photography safaris? Family fun? Honeymoon? Jaguar Safari? Birdwatching Safari? Group safaris? Local Culture Safari? Wild Jaguar […]

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Animals of the Pantanal: wonderful species of Brazil

Have you ever imagined being part of a safari in Brazil and being able to meet up close with wild animals only seen on television? The Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world with a diversity of reptiles, birds and mammals that enchant and seduce adventurous natives and nature lovers. Meet the main animals […]

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Travel from New York to a Safari Tour in the Pantanal

The Brazilian Pantanal is an extensive region, occupying about 250,000 square kilometers in the central-western part of Brazil, being the largest floodplain on the planet. Source of inspiration for various manifestations of Brazilian culture, such as music and literature, for example, its extreme natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year. They come from all […]

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